Precision Machining Services - Lingis specializes in customization.

Lingis offers a complete line of precision machining services such as custom turning, milling, drilling and broaching services to deliver a product that meets your exact specifications. Our draftsmen and machinists work together with your blueprints and drawings so what you ask for, is exactly what you get.

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CNC Machining


Our machinists and lathes can accommodate almost any turning project. Our machinists continuously strive to improve their knowledge and approaches to drive down production time and costs for our customers, without jeopardizing quality.

Machining Lathe
Steel Milling Services

Precision Machining Services
Drilling Machine Services


With quality equipment and experienced machinists you can be sure your parts are precise and of the highest quality.

Drilling and Broaching

Our drilling and broaching metalworking services are exceptionally precise, and are the cost effective solution for results that are of the highest quality.

Turning Machine Services

In addition to our superior high-precision machining operations and services, Lingis also offers mechanic services for your every need. We regularly maintain our facility and equipment to ensure efficiency and quality control across every single project. Our equipment and skilled team can help solve your most challenging problems.

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